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USD 0.0099 Per Share
Min. USD 1.99 Per Order
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Pass through fees apply.
Brokerage Fees
Type Fees
Commission USD 0.0049 / Share
Min. USD 0.99 / Order
Max. 0.5% × Trade Value
Platform Fee USD 0.005 / Share
Min. USD 1 / Order
Max. 0.5% × Trade Value
Pass-through Fees
Type Fees
Settlement Fee USD 0.003 / Share
Max. 7% × Trade Value
SEC Membership Fee
(Charged for sell orders only)
0.0000229 × Trade Value
FINRA Trading Activity Fee USD 0.00013 / Share
Min. USD 0.01 / Trade
Max. USD 6.49 / Trade


(1) Trading low-priced shares (e.g. share price less than USD 1) may carry high risk, including the risk of total loss and that of delisting. Investors should be cautious about buying or selling these shares. TFNZ charges a maximum brokerage fee of 1% and a maximum settlement fee of 7% of the trade value per order. A minimum brokerage fee applies if the calculated maximum brokerage fee per order is lower than the minimum brokerage fee per order.

(2) Settlement Fee is a pass-through fee charged by the U.S. clearing agency and DTCC (U.S. Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation) member TradeUP Securities Inc.

(3) SEC Membership Fee is a pass-through fee charged by SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) and is charged for sell orders only.

(4) FINRA Trading Activity Fee is a pass-through fee charged by FINRA (U.S. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority).

(5) If there is any change in the fees charged by third parties such as exchanges and regulators, TFNZ will adjust the fees they charge on their behalf accordingly.

Other Service Fees
Type Fees
ADR Fee USD 0.01 - 0.03 / Share
Real-time Quotes Fee Free, subject to terms and conditions of related campaigns
Proxy Service Fee for Participating in the General Shareholders' Meetings USD 10 / Successful Application


(1) ADR (American Depositary Receipt) Fee is charged by DTCC for stocks of non-U.S. companies listed in the U.S. Clients who held such stock positions in a past cycle will be charged ADR fees as required, regardless of whether they have a current position or not. Please refer to Tiger Trade's push notifications for information on the cycle period. Clients who have not held any non-U.S. company's shares will not be charged ADR fees.

(2) Interested clients may choose from two ways of general shareholders' meeting participation application: (i) Client or proxy participates; (ii) Client votes. Proxy Service Fee for Participating in the General Shareholders' Meetings will be refunded to the client in the event that the application is unsuccessful.