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* CN refers to Shanghai Connect and Shenzhen Connect

Safety of Assets and Funds


Registered New Zealand FSPR

Tiger Brokers (NZ) Limited is a Registered Financial Services Provider under the Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Act 2008. Our Financial Service Provider registration number is FSP473106.


Safety of Funds

Your funds and investments are kept in a segregated bank account with a custodian to ensure it is completely separate from our other accounts. Tiger Brokers provides due diligence on our counter parties and ensures that adequate controls are in place to monitor the customer’s funds on an ongoing basis.


2-FA Security Features

Tiger Token is a security APP developed by Tiger Brokers to protect clients trading security further. When 2-factor authentication is enabled, the client needs to enter one-time password generated by the Tiger Token APP in addition to the password when logging in or trading. Both passwords need to be verified before the client enters the Tiger Trade APP or the order page. Clients may choose whether to enable Tiger Token or not according to their own needs. To ensure security, we recommend enabling 2-factor authentication.


Deposit and Withdrawal Notifications

You will receive email notifications for your record for every transfer and withdrawal. For added security, any suspicious transactions will be automatically flagged for further investigation.

EASY access to Global Market and LOW commissions

Tiger Brokers provides trading access to markets in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and the US with no minimum deposit required.

  • HongKong
  • U.S.
  • Singapore
  • Australia
Real-time stock quotes
Fast Trading
Our algorithm helps you make trades at the best possible price time
Ease of use
One-Stop trading platform for multiple trading features

Top-of-the-range trading platform and technology

Real-time stock quotes

Get the latest updates and stay on top of your investments with our free market data. This market data will be able to provide an in-depth perspective so you can better understand future price trends.

Fast Trading
Our algorithm helps you make trades at the best possible price time

Gain access to a comprehensive range of financial information on company stocks, global news and an economic calendar so you can trade with as much data at hand as possible.

Ease of use
One-Stop trading platform for multiple trading features

Gain access to multiple trading features such as one-click trading, profit and loss analysis, stock options trading, in-depth analytics, screeners and candlestick charts.


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