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About the Trading

Learn More About the Trading Products available for trading at your fingertips: * S.... ) * Australia Market: Stocks   What order types does Tiger Trade offer?... How can I change my trading password?... can simply reset it but clicking the 'Forgot trade password?'... to reset your trading password....   View details →

US Stocks & ETFs

STOCKS Unlike A shares and HK stocks where the minimum trading unit is 1 lot, in the U.S. the minimum... DAY TRADING OF U.S. STOCKS Day trading involves high risk.... Before you start trading, please read the Risk Exposure to Intraday Trading.... one trading day.... Day trading is also generally referred to as T+0 trade....   View details →

Transferring Stock out of Prime Account

EXPENSE DETAIL OF TRANSFERRING POSITIONS OUT OF PRIME ACCOUNT Tiger supports outbound transfer of US, HK... ( including SZ/SH Northbound Trading Link ), and AU stock positions from Tiger Prime Account to other... charges a fee for outbound transfer which refers to the table below:   Market Fee US 100 USD per stock HK... 500 HKD per stock CN (SZ/SH Northbound Trading Link) 500 HKD per stock AU 50 AUD per stock   You may...   View details →

Tiger Trade Trading Platform

Tiger Trade Trading Platform – Next Generation FinTech Tiger Trade App is available for download on...   * Fast Trading - Our algorithm helps you make trades at the best possible price time: Gain...   * Multiple trading features: Gain access to multiple trading features such as one-click trading... Tiger Trade App: There are 5 main panels integrated on the Tiger Trade for investors to navigate.... These are Quotes, Community, Discover, Trade and Me....   View details →

Transferring Stock into Prime Account

TRANSFERRING STOCK INTO PRIME ACCOUNT ( GENERAL GUIDELINE ) Tiger supports inbound transfer of US, HK... ( including SZ/SH Northbound Trading Link ), AU stock positions to Tiger Prime Account from other brokers... SUBMITTING AT TIGER TRADE APP 1.... CHOOSE STOCK MARKET If you have not deposited:   1.1 Open "Tiger Trade" App, and log in.... US STOCK TRANSFER FORM EXAMPLE   HK STOCK TRANSFER FORM EXAMPLE          ...   View details →

Products currently available for trading via Tiger Trade APP

PRODUCTS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR TRADING VIA TIGER TRADE APP Market/Type U.S.... Futures Stocks, Warrants, CSSCs, and Futures Stocks, ETF, Futures, REITs A-Share (in HKEX Northbound Trading... Stocks Note: Tiger Brokers supports trading China A-shares listed in HKEX Northbound Trading....   View details →


Futures contracts trading hours According to the Exchange rules, the trading hours of each future products... Minimum futures contract trading unit The trading unit of futures contract is different from trading... In futures trading, "Contract" is the trading unit, and the minimum trading unit of futures is a standard... Last trading day and first notice day of futures The last trading day means the last trading day of... In futures trading, "Contract" is the trading unit, and the minimum trading unit of futures is a standard...   View details →

Margin & Leverage

For example, if a client has only NZD cash in his Tiger Account and wants to trade US stocks:    - ... ① if the value of the US stocks traded does not exceed the NZD cash amount, then there is only financing... and no leverage is enabled;    -  ② if the value of the US stocks traded exceeds the NZA cash amount... The margin percentage occupied by trading a stock affects the leverage amount that can be enabled for...   View details →

Getting started

Once you registered on Tiger Trade, you will be able to practice trading on a paper account (demo account... The Tiger paper account is a fantastic way to gain trading experience with zero risk.  ...   View details →

About Tiger Brokers

The TBNZ focuses on brokerage business, mainly providing financial product trading services in major... Kong Stock Connect / Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect), to retail and wholesale clients through our trading... platform, Tiger Trade.  ... By using next generation technology, Tiger Brokers enables clients to trade a wide range of securities... In August 2015, we launched our proprietary trading platform, Tiger Trade....   View details →

Currency Exchange

Open Tiger Trade mobile APP, click Me > Trading > Account > Cash > Currency Exchange, specify the currency... Tiger Brokers supports trading in multiple markets with one account.  3.... When trading global markets, the client may use multi-currencies exchanged in Tiger Trade instead of... →  Tiger Trade APP does not do the currency exchange automatically.... Currency Exchange: APP > Trade > Account > Cash > Exchange; 2. Trading by financing. 2....   View details →

Charges-related Issues

Does Tiger Brokers prime account support securities margin trading?... Function of securities margin trading is under development, please stay tuned. 3.    ... How to operate unlimited intraday trading by the prime account of Tiger Brokers?... How does Tiger Brokers charging for penny stocks trading ?... penny stock is higher than 1% of trading fees, Tiger Brokers will charge 1% of trading fees at the most...   View details →

Withdrawal of Funds

check the withdrawal process or cancel the request, through “withdrawal request records” pages in Tiger Trade...     * Rejected: The request didn’t pass the review, you could find the reject reason in Tiger Trade...   View details →

Withdrawable Amount of Margin Account

Withdrawable cash is calculated by many factors such as trading activities, settlement, etc.... * The financing status of a margin account is related to all trading acivities.... If you continue to order, subscripe IPOs or engage in any other trading activities, it may result... * After you close your positions or exchange currency, please wait at least two trading days (excluding...   View details →

How to Open an Account

(1) Tiger Trade APP > Open Account. Then follow instructions to open a Tiger Account.... What will happen if I do not trade after successfully opening an account?... For clients who want to trade the U.S. markets, they will need to complete this form....   View details →

Hong Kong CBBCs

The CBBC is similar to the futures index trading.... When a Mandatory Call Even takes place to the CBBC, trading of the CBBC will not be resumed, even if... In theory, all CBBCs subject to pit trading are “in-the-money”.... CBBC SETTLEMENT METHOD The last trading day of the CBBC refers to one trading day before the expiry... date (different from the fourth trading days prior to the expiry date of the warrant)....   View details →

Account Type

There is no limit on the number or frequency of T+0 trades.  2.... Margin trading and short selling are unavailable.... FAQS Q: Can I trade on margin or do I have to trade in cash?... Margin Trading (Financing): deposit in any currency, then trade in any market by financing if your Tiger... NZD, AUD, USD or HKD and do the currency exchange on Tiger Trade, then trade using cash Notes on 2-...   View details →