Investor Stories - Jason Wang

29 May 2023


Even though Jason Wang is a Partner at the local venture investment firm Icehouse Ventures and has been buying stocks since he was 16, he laughs at the suggestion he is a sophisticated equities investor.

“I’m more of a long-term venture investor than a sophisticated trader when it comes to investing,” he says.

The more Jason talks about his investment experience, his approach to investing and his portfolio, however, the more you realise he is razor-sharp about investing and is just being humble about his skills.

Auckland-based Jason first bought stocks on the advice of his parents when he was a teenager, and early purchases included shares in appliance-maker Haier, a Beijing brewery and an energy company.

Icehouse Ventures was an early investor into a New Zealand-owned share-trading platform and Jason used that platform initially to invest in New Zealand stocks. But for the past three years he has been exclusively using Tiger Brokers and the Tiger Trade app for his equity investments, and now buys mostly US and Hong Kong stocks via Tiger Brokers.

Jason says he solely uses his own skills and experience working at a venture capital firm to assess and do due diligence on a company before buying their stock. “I don’t pay for advice, and I do my own research.”

A particular advantage in working with Tiger Brokers, however, is that the platform collects and quickly passes on relevant news on the companies you follow,” says Jason. “So, you get an instant news feed when something happens.”

Jason is a long-term value investor and puts money directly into companies rather than baskets of companies, called Exchange Tradeable Funds or ETFs.

“I like to buy in companies that are beyond start-up but are still early in their growth curve – around $1bn market cap and with a 5-10-year growth horizon.”

He tracks the performance of the stocks using Tiger Brokers and the financial information it provides. “I don’t need to go anywhere else – Tiger provides the information I need, and it’s quite timely. Also, Tiger Brokers’ fees are competitive,” he says.



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