What kind of investor cat are you?

22 Nov

We're here for curious cats, keen to dip their paw into the sharemarket and get started.
..and for copycats, wanting more data, but finding it harder. We're here for cool cats, in Tesla caps,
loyal to Elon, and alley cats, bidding on anything, loyal to no-one. We've also got great rates that top cats with blue-chip stocks will appreciate and enough stats in our app to satisfy the toughest hellcats
We're here for investors like you, buying and selling stocks any time of the day, setting a cat amongst the pigeons as the Tigers of Trade.

Curious Cat

A person keen to dip their paw into the share market, but not quite sure where to start.

Copy Cat

A person who invests based off information from online forums, financial influencers, and investor friends.

Cool Cat

A person who invests in Millenial or Gen Z

Alley cat

A person who bids on any stock, loyal to no one but themselves.

Hell Cat

A person who buys stocks based on in-depth research, latest news, data, and statistics.