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29 May

On why patience is an important thing to have when it comes to the stock market.
@Aotearoa NZ
  1. How old are you and what is your occupation?
I am 31 and work as an Environmental Civil Engineer in Auckland and I am also currently pursing my PhD from the University of Auckland.
  1. What is your background story? When did you first start trading?
I started my investment journey with a well known stockbroker called Kite (Zerodha) which is an Indian brokerage platform that is quite convenient and offers low brokerage fees. Coming to NZ I started to use Sharesies, which went well for a start however, I then came across the Tiger Trade app, which has a better platform to trade on, your fees are very affordable, especially when trading on the US market.
  1. Where did you hear about Tiger Trade?
Tiger Brokers is a well known and trusted broker in Asia, so I knew about you before coming to New Zealand. Recently, I have come across your advertisements on social media, participated on some of the online games you have and there is also a billboard near my workplace.
  1. What is your Tiger Trade portfolio size?
I have started off with $600 and have been increasing the investment funds gradually. The market is volatile at the moment and while everything looks uncertain, this is also a good time to invest in reputable companies. So what I think is, just keep calm. Wait and watch.
  1. What's in your Tiger Trade portfolio right now? Why did you invest in these specific companies?
I hold several stocks under my Tiger Brokers portfolio, these include Tesla, Microsoft, Apple, on the space side Virgin Galactic. There's also petroleum as well as Nio, RIVIAN, Twitter, American Airlines, GoPro, Astra Space and the free Rocket lab shares which Tiger Brokers have gifted as part of the onboarding promotion. The reason for me choosing these companies is solely based on their strong presence, reputation and their past and current financial performance.
  1. What are your investing styles or strategies?
Stepping into the US market and understanding the US market is very important. Whatever I invest I need to spend one point seven dollars. So, if I lose it quickly, $1.7 compared with my NZD is a 70% risk. There are the really good companies to invest in. I get my information from different sources like Tiger Community, every day I look at the Tiger Community stats, and even reading newspapers like the Wall Street Journal for their strategies. I never watch YouTube. My investment strategy is to have a diversified portfolio in a range of different sectors. I always encourage people to read authentic information, something that really helps to understand the company's profitability and company's information.
So what I do is categorize the stocks into the respective sector or a common group and monitor the performance on a daily basis. I usually trade/invest in trusted companies that have been in the market for some time and have remained strong during all the financial cycles, I also monitor my watchlist on a daily basis. I take like 10 minutes either each morning or during my lunch break to see the stock performance. I use a platform called Trading View to group my stocks for example electronic vehicle stocks on one side, oil and fuel stocks in another group etc. This way it becomes clearer and you can make some judgements on which stocks to buy and which to sell. Also, the source of the information or news about the global market is very important.
My other strategies include not just diversifying in different sectors, but also investing into both local and overseas markets.
I always follow the news. What happens in the market? I mean, what happens due to the inflation? Oil price rising? That is a point where we can invest in oil stocks and the materials falling down. So that is a point we can withdraw from the materials stocks. And, tech stocks are always falling because of inflation.
  1. How are your returns so far?
Well the market is volatile as everyone is aware however, based on my above strategies I have made some profit on few shares that I was able to buy at a low price and for some I was able to follow the trend and sell right before the price dropped. So my Tiger portfolio is actually going good for now.
I sold some of the stocks and I got profit already. I thought maybe the market has gone down. So I predicted it myself, then I sold it. For example, DiDi, I got a good amount of money and then I sold my Twitter stock.
  1. If you could go back to when you were younger, what would you tell yourself about investing?
I would say look for the authentic companies, I mean very strategic companies first. I definitely say it's okay to start with a small amount and once you understand the market, then move forward. When you are young and come to the market and invest and then you want to get the returns in a very short period. My suggestion to my younger self, is to understand the market, invest more money, then move slowly, not rapidly.
Continue to monitor the market, your watchlist and learn about the stock market. Also, diversification is very important. Rather than buying positive stocks, for instance in Apple, maybe splitting 200, 200 somewhere, like electric companies, some petroleum, some tech stocks.
  1. What future stocks or options are you watching right now? Why?
I am thinking about investing in some pharma companies in the future, but still am kind of unsure. Pharma companies have huge potential in the future due to the need for food, shelter and currently the on going war might also have an impact.
  1. What are the characteristics of your ideal stocks? For instance, if you had to choose right now, which U.S. stocks do you like best and why?
Invest based on reputation, like when you are buying equipment or furniture, then you will go with trusted brands similar to that my ideal stocks are trustworthy companies. I choose the company based on their strategies, like what they're doing, what their future regions are and definitely money comes later. Once the company is good, they bring you money because the people realize that there's a good company, they're giving good credence.
Short term returns might seem attractive such as that of Game Stop, but I'm always carefully when investing in a company based on the companies strategies which will bring long term returns. I study the last 3 years of financial strategy, current profit/loss and future plans. Basically looking at the bigger picture and not the short term fluctuations.
  1. What are your opinions on global stocks in the next few months or years?
Well, no one can predict the stock market. I personally believe that even though the stock market is volatile due to the rise in inflation, the Russian & Ukrainian war and, among other reasons.
Definitely one day the stock market is going to rise, in 2009 the inflation during the time was very bad. So from 2009-2019 or ten years timeframe, the stocks, they doubled, tripled. In the future, time is equals to money. The market will rise as it has in the past .
  1. Are there any memorable achievements that you have made in your investing journey? What did you learn from them?
I do not have a specific example, but looking back I have learnt a great deal about investments.
  1. Are there any mistakes you have made in your investing journey and what did you take from them?
Well during the start of my investment journey I had a habit of being paranoid. I panicked during my first days. What I did when the stocks fell was I tried to sell them. I didn't have patience. So patience is very important, I think.
  1. What's your investment goal in 2022?
The goal is to set aside $300 - $400 each month and invest on the Tiger Trade platform. Also, to place aside funds for general savings and to save for my house deposit.
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