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Account Funding

Please click “How to deposit the Funds” to watch the video....   View details →

Currency Exchange

How to do Currency Exchange? 1-1.... After depositing funds, the client may exchange the cash into different currencies and invest in corresponding... , the client may use multi-currencies exchanged in Tiger Trade instead of exchanging in a bank then depositing... After making a deposit (not in USD), does the system automatically convert the funds into USD?... For example, if a client deposits SGD and intends to trade US stocks with Tiger, he has two options:...   View details →

Account Type

Margin Trading (Financing): deposit in any currency, then trade in any market by financing if your Tiger... Cash Trading (available for both Margin Account and Cash Account): 2-1. deposit NZD, AUD, USD or HKD,... then trade in the corresponding market(s) using the deposited cash without financing; or 2-2. deposit...   View details →

How to Open an Account

HOW TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT? (1) Tiger Trade APP > Open Account.... How long does it take to open a Tiger Account?... How can I know whether my account has been successfully opened?...   View details →

Charges-related Issues

How much is the commission of Tiger Brokers prime account?... How much does it charge?... How to operate unlimited intraday trading by the prime account of Tiger Brokers?... How can clients get dividends of bought stocks? How much is the tax deduction?... How does Tiger Brokers charging for penny stocks trading ?...   View details →

Financing interest rate

Interest Rate [interest]CNH[/interest] *Tiger Brokers uses the internationally recognized overnight deposit...   View details →

US Stock Options

(6)        How to manage the options with inactive exercise or within exit price?... (7)        How to deal with the options, if the price of the brought options (whether call options...   View details →


Is $3000 the minimum deposit requirement for Tiger Brokers trading account?... Account of Tiger Brokers is subject to no requirement for minimum deposit. 3....   View details →

Hong Kong CBBCs

(7) Premium The CBBC premium means how much the underlying asset price of CBBC needs to rise/fall...   View details →

Hong Kong Warrants

(12) Break Even point Break Even point means how much the underlying stock price needs to rise/fall...   View details →