Help Fees Structure US stock options

US stock options

Commission and charges for US stock options




$0.95/sheet, at least $2.99 per order

Option regulation fee (ORF)*


Trading fee (only charged upon issuance of sales voucher)

0.0000130 * total selling value

FINRA trading activity fee (only charged upon issuance of sales voucher)

$0.002 * quantity sold

Option clearing company (OCC) clearing fee

$0.05 per contract and maximum $55 per order

Exchange fee

Fees vary according to the exchange

*The following exchanges charge option regulatory fees (ORF): AMEX, BATS, BOX, CBOE, CBOE2, ISE, GEMINI, MIAX, NOM, PCX, PHLX

*For options trading, additional fees may be incurred depending on the type of liquidity. The specific fees are subject to the exchange.