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Position Transfer-in

1. Tiger currently accepts clients transferring most U.S. and Hong Kong stocks from other brokers to Tiger Brokers.

2. The fee of position transfer-in to Tiger is 0; the fee of position transfer-out from the original brokerage firm depends on the original brokerage firm.

3. Position Transfer-in Procedure

   1) Submit position transfer-in request at Tiger: go to Tiger Trade APP > Me > Tiger Account > Transfer Stock In, fill in the information of the original broker and stock positions. Then submit the request.

   2) Submit position transfer-out request at the original broker: contact the original broker to submit position transfer-out request. If necessary, you may contact Tiger's customer service for the required information.

   3) Confirm the transfer progress: to improve the transfer's efficiency, you may contact the original broker via phone call to confirm the progress of the transfer after submitting the transfer request.

Position Transfer-out

1. Clients may transfer out U.S. and Hong Kong stocks from Tiger to other brokers.

2. The fee of position transfer-out from Tiger: ①100 USD per stock (regardless of the number of shares) for U.S. Stocks transfer-out; ②500 HKD per transaction (regardless of the number of stocks or the number of shares) for Hong Kong stock transfer-out.

3. Position Transfer-out Procedure

   1) Contact Tiger's customer service.

   2) Contact the receiving broker to confirm the position transfer procedure.

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