Tiger Trade Trading Platform – Next Generation FinTech

Tiger Trade App is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

You can download the Tiger Trade application on your Mac or PC.

Tiger Brokers’ proprietary and cutting-edge technology is one of its core strengths compared to traditional brokerage firms. Our Beijing based office has a team of engineers and designers who strive to create unparalleled trading experience for our customers. Tiger Brokers is technology-focused with nearly half of the company’s employees working in research and development.

Through a proprietary and robust back­end system, we will continue to upgrade our comprehensive trading platform to offer new and innovative products and services for our users.


A one-stop destination to trade stocks tailored for global investors.

  • Complimentary real-time U.S. stock quotes anytime anywhere:

Get the latest updates and stay on top of your investments with our free market data. This market data will be able to provide an in-depth perspective so you can better understand future price trends.


  • Fast Trading - Our algorithm helps you make trades at the best possible price time:

Gain access to a comprehensive range of financial information on company stocks, global news and an economic calendar so you can trade with as much data at hand as possible.


  • Multiple trading features:

Gain access to multiple trading features such as one-click trading, profit and loss analysis, limit order, in-depth analytics, screeners, and candlestick charts.


  • A library of powerful trading tools:

An intuitive interface that allows you to monitor market movements in just one click;

See the whole market at a glance with easy-to-read graphics; and

Fully customizable indictors and mini floating windows give you the ability to easily analyse the market.


Tiger Trade App:

There are 5 main panels integrated on the Tiger Trade for investors to navigate. These are Quotes, Community, Discover, Trade and Me.

Add a Symbol to a Watchlist: One you login Tiger Trade, the Watchlist will be the first page to see in the Quotes Panel. To add a ticker, click the search button   on the upper right corner and enter a symbol or company name then hit Enter. Select the asset you want from the drop-down list.

Create an Order: Click a symbol in your Watchlist to populate the Order Entry page panel with that symbol along with the current Bid and Ask, the default order size and order type. Click Buy or Sell and modify the order parameters by clicking in any field and selecting or entering a new value. When parameters are all set, click Submit to transmit the order. You may also want to confirm your order before you transmit the order.

View and Manage Orders: Your working orders display in the Orders tab of the Trade panel. You can modify an order anytime before the order fills. When you change an order parameter, you need to click Update to submit your changed order.

Manage Your Portfolio: Click the Portfolio tab in the Trade panel to see your P&L, Net Liquidity, Margin, and your positions. Change the way positions are grouped by clicking the Financial Instrument column header and selecting a new method.

My Account: See account details by clicking the Account button in your Portfolio page, or by clicking Prime Account from the Me Panel.

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