Before you place an order, please make sure you have the corresponding currency.
Please click here for detailed information.
To place an order using the mobile app, you can watch a full tutorial video here
Alternatively, you can read our guide below:
(1) Click the little magnifying glass and search for the stock you want to buy.
(2) Once you search, you'll find the stock page and you'll be able to view in-depth company information.
(3) Click the "Trade" tab at the bottom and press the green "Buy/Long" button . This will take you to the Order Pad.
(5) You can check your brokerage fee by clicking on the button here.
(6) click "Place Buy Order", don‘t forget to confirm the order details.
(7) Once the order is placed, it is good practice to check your order status.
(8) You can conveniently edit or cancel the order from here.
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