Information about Withdrawal

1. How to withdraw funds in Tiger?

1.1 First confirm the withdrawable amount on the day
  • Factors affecting withdrawable amounts include stock trading, settlement, transaction fees, etc. Changes of some factors, such as settlement, cannot be reflected in the withdrawal amount in real time.
  • To ensure that you can withdraw the full amount of funds, please stop trading and exchange for 2-3 working days before the withdrawal.
For detailed information, please refer to the introduction of withdrawable amount.
1.2 Add a bank account with the same name as the Tiger prime account for withdrawal.
1.3 Check the processing and wait for the funds to be received in bank.
2.What currencies does Tiger support for withdrawal?
Currently, U.S. dollar, Hong Kong dollar, New Zealand dollar are supported.
3. Withdrawal fee and Time of arrival
  • Tiger does not charge any fee, and there is no charge for withdrawal to New Zealand bank account. While transferring funds across borders, the intermediary bank will charge an additional transfer fee. Please refer to the sending bank for specific charges.
  • The time depends on the processing bank(s). The minimum time for funds withdrawal in New Zealand can be within the same business day. For funds remitted to banks not in New Zealand, the specific arrival time and cost are uncertain as the remittance involves cross-border transfer.
4. Countries and regions support withdrawal
  • Tiger supports withdrawing funds to banks in most countries and regions of the world, with the exception of countries or regions on high risk list of international money laundering.
  • Tiger is currently unable to transfer funds to bank accounts in high-risk countries/regions for international money laundering. Common high-risk regions/countries include: Botswana, Nicaragua, Ghana, Albania, Pakistan, Iceland, Bahamas, Syria, Jamaica, Barbados, Uganda, Mauritius, Myanmar, Cambodia, Mongolia, Panama, Yemen, Zimbabwe, etc.
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