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1.    How much is the commission of Tiger Brokers prime account?

Tiger Brokers charges a commission of $0.0039 per share for U.S. stock trading, and at least $0.99 for a single deal.

2.    Does Tiger Brokers prime account support securities margin trading?

Tiger Brokers account support financing, the leverage is up to 4x for day trade and up to 2x on next day. Function of securities margin trading is under development, please stay tuned.

3.    Does Tiger Brokers prime account support subscription of new stocks?

Yes, it does.

4.    Why the commission of other securities dealers of U.S. stock is lower than that of Tiger Brokers?

There are some securities dealers in the market charging by the number of deals. Although it appears to be cheap, actually high costs hidden. Because they do not link exchanges directly, instead, they pass quotations to liquidity providers to match deals. The problem here is that the liquidity providers eat up some of the spread during the process, so the transaction price is often not optimal. Tiger Brokers is directly linked to the exchange, guaranteeing the optimal trading time and price.

5.    Does Tiger Brokers provide real-time market data? How much does it charge?

During the current activity, Tiger Brokers APP Tiger Trade has launched a full subsidy policy, and all users by registration can have U.S. stock market quotation (the normal official charging standard is $10/month) and basic stock market quotation of Hong Kong stock level0 free of charge.

6.    Except for commissions, are there other charges for US stocks?

There's no stamp duty or similar charges for US stocks. In addition to commissions, Tiger Brokers also charges $0.00396 per share of external agency fee for trading U.S. stocks. Since each exchange does not charge a fixed fee, for the ease of settlement, we charge according to the charges of most exchanges.

7.    How to operate unlimited intraday trading by the prime account of Tiger Brokers?

As long as you have a prime account, the times of intraday trading is unlimited, regardless of the amount of funds.

8.    How can clients get dividends of bought stocks? How much is the tax deduction?

The dividends of each stock are different, please refer to the company notice for specific case. The tax usually deducted at 10%, which is for reference only and does not constitute tax advice.

9.    How does Tiger Brokers charging for penny stocks trading ?

Low-priced stock, commonly known as penny stock, is a term made by investors for a stock with share price lower than $1. It is somehow risky to trade low-price stocks, because the stock price fluctuates greatly and there is a risk of delisting. It is advised that investors buy in them carefully. 

According to the current U.S. stock charging standard of Tiger Brokers, if the fees incurred by clients trading penny stock is higher than 1% of trading fees, Tiger Brokers will charge 1% of trading fees at the most.

10.   Stock transfer-out fee

Transfer-out fee: USD100 per share for transferring out US stocks. HKD500 every time for transferring Hong Kong stocks.
Note: application for re-transferring stocks as a result of operation fails for the counterparty's reasons (wrong operation of stock transfer information, not timely operation, or rejection for other reasons) is subject to related fees once more.

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