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Instructions before deposit

1.How to deposit funds in Tiger?
1.1 Transfer funds to Tiger (You can deposit money via bank transfer)
1.2 Submit deposit notification (For bank transfer, deposit notification may be required)
Please refer to the next section [Procedure of Funds Deposit] for detailed operation steps.
2.What currencies does Tiger support for deposit?
Support US dollar, Hong Kong dollar, New Zealand dollar for deposit.
Support instant exchange between currencies after deposit.
3.Does the Tiger have a deposit threshold?
Tiger has no minimum deposit limit. If the initial deposit amount reaches certain activity rules, there will be a gift for you. For specific rules, please refer to the activity page or consult customer service.
4.Use the bank account with the same name as the Tiger account for deposit and withdrawal
According to Brokers' anti-money laundering obligations and regulatory requirements, please use the bank account with the same name as Tiger account (Don't use joint accounts or other people's accounts) for deposit or withdrawal.
5.Fees and Time for deposit
Tiger does not charge any fee, but bank transfers may incur fees. When transferring funds across borders, the intermediary bank will charge an additional transfer fee. Please refer to the sending bank for specific charges.
Time of arrival:
The time depends on the processing bank(s). The minimum time for funds to arrive can be within the same business day. For funds remitted from banks not in New Zealand, the specific arrival time and cost are uncertain as the remittance involves cross-border transfer.
Please use the bank account with the same name as your Tiger account to initiate the deposit. If you deposit via other's bank accounts, joint bank accounts, third-party payment platforms, it will result in a refund. Refunds will be returned to your sending account in the same manner as they were transferred out. Also refunds may take 2-4weeks(The third-party platform deposit refunds may take 6-8 weeks) and banks will charge fees, which will be borne by the client.
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