1.How to deposit at Tiger?
1.1 Get the recipiant of Tiger Brokers in your Tiger Trading account.
1.2 Create a bank transfer to Tiger, in your banking APP / website.
Please refer to the [Procedure of Funds Deposit] for detailed steps.
2.What currencies can I deposit at Tiger?
US dollar (USD) and New Zealand dollar (NZD) are available. And you can have instant conversion between currencies after deposit.
3.Does Tiger have a deposit threshold?
No. We don't have limit of deposit amount.
Meanwhile, we prepared rewards for your first deposit. You can get details on Tiger's campaign page in APP / official website.
4.Fees and Time for deposit
Tiger does not charge any fee, however, bank transfers may incur fees. Transferring foreign currency between different bank will be charged by sending bank and agent bank. 
Time of arrival:
The time depends on the processing bank(s). Generally, transfers should be processed in hours.
Please use your own bank account opened in registered NZ bank to deposits and withdrawals. If you deposit via other's bank accounts or third-party payment platforms, it would result in a refund.  Once refund was triggered, the funds will be returned to your sending account. Also refunds may take 2-4weeks(The third-party platform deposit refunds may take 6-8 weeks) and returning fees charged by banks should be borne by youself.
5. Deposit from a Joint Account 
If you are going to use a joint account to deposit, please be informed that: 
- Please use your New zealand Bank Account. We don't support overseas bank account.
- The first transfer from a joint bank account would get more review, and it'll be a little slower than general. 
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